How To Find Your Purpose by Finding Hidden Talents

September 20

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The number of people I come across who do not believe they have any particular talents astounds me! I was talking to someone yesterday, in fact. Turns out she was an incredibly skilful baker! So, naturally, I want to talk about finding hidden talents today. But first, I want you to think about this quote for a minute:

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.“ Dr Albert Schweitzer

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You might discover that finding your purpose becomes a lot easier if you think about it like this. What unique skills and talents do you have that would help others or bring them joy? How could you build your life or your job around those unique skills? In fact, could you even create a business around them?

Very often, taking the time to work out how you can help others is a powerful thing. Even more so if you take action and start actually doing it.

Nine times out of ten, when people discover their purpose, it will be to make a difference in the world. One way or another. You see, on the whole, we really are social creatures who enjoy helping our communities. Using our talents for good is an incredibly rewarding experience.

It makes sense, therefore, that to find your purpose you need to find your hidden talents. Then work out how they can help others. The problem is that many of us don’t have the confidence to recognise that their skills could make a difference.

Finding Hidden Talents

Firstly, I know what you might be thinking. People only use their talents for good because they like to be thanked or recognised for what they’re doing. In truth, I think that’s only a small part of it. Doing good will make you happy even when no one else knows about it. This is because we are able to create an internal reward system. With this we can celebrate our achievements and feel good about ourselves. If we build this reward system for ourselves, our feeling of self-worth is likely to grow. And so will our self-esteem and confidence!

I have worked with many talented people who never used their natural talents! They had been sitting on them while they got on with their jobs every day, feeling like there was more to life. Often, days are spent shuffling paperwork, sending emails and making phone calls. They spent their days sitting at their desk feeling like they didn’t have much to show for it when 5pm came around.

As it turns out, every one of these people had skills tucked away that could make a world of difference. Not only their lives but in the lives of others. Once they gained the confidence to realise this, their outlook on life changed forever!

What about you? Are you sitting on talents that could make a difference to the world? I’ll let you into a secret…

Everyone has hidden talents. And finding hidden talents is not always as hard as it sounds. Yes, they might need a few hours of study to develop, but the talents are there for sure! You just have to find them!

What if you found your purpose – whatever it may be – and made a real difference in someone’s life with what you know? How would that make you feel?

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Questions for finding hidden talents

 As I say, we all have skills and talents that make us unique. These form part of our purpose - why we’re here and what we are destined to do. Some people never take the time or don’t have the confidence, to work out what these are. But you’re reading this blog post for a reason. So, I’m going to give you 3 questions that will give you a kickstart and help you capitalize on your talents:

  1. When was the last time you were doing something that made you completely lose track of time? What were you doing?
  2. Name one thing you wish you could learn more than anything
  3. What issues get you fired up?

Spend a little time figuring out the answers to these questions. They look like simple questions at first glance, I know. But I recommend you grab a paper and pen and try and go as deep into these questions as you can.

These questions alone may not help you with finding hidden talents and purpose. They will definitely set you off on the right track, though.

Start finding your purpose in life by using my specifically designed guided journal. Check it out here (printable version) or check out the paperback version on Amazon. If you're reading this blog post, I definitely think my journal will help you start living a life you love!

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Disclosure: If you purchase anything from links in this post or any other, I may receive some kind of affiliate commission. However, I only ever mention products I love and would recommend whether I was being compensated or not.

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