How To Use Planners Effectively

The first step to changing your life is recognising that some adjustments need to happen. You might have heard of tons of people using planners to gain control of their life, become more organised, and massively increase their productivity. But before you dive in, it is super helpful to learn how to use planners effectively.

Don’t underestimate the power of a planner. It is so much more than a simple schedule. It soon becomes something you work on every day. You’ll start to rely on it to keep track of your responsibilities and use it to get ahead in life.

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How To Use Planners Effectively

Keeping a to-do list can help you feel organized , but without proper planning, it's easy for that list to get out of control. Using a personal planner can help you prioritize your tasks, improve your time management skills , and allow you to be more successful both in and out of the classroom. (

The posts in my how to use planners effectively section will guide you through all the basics (and more) of setting up and using a planner. You will learn precisely what a planner could be, why you should use one, how to choose the perfect one and tons of tips for setting it up.

There are hundreds of ways to use a daily planner, whether you use it for personal schedules or you allow it to organise your entire life. But the information can get overwhelming, so let’s start with the complete basics of what a planner can do for you.

So, what is a Planner?

A planner should be a little bit of everything. I love my planner because I get to put my entire life in one place, including my calendar, schedules, to-do lists, personal information, and more. 

To summarise, a planner becomes the following:

  • Your Calendar
  • Your Personal Assistant
  • Your Detailed Schedule
  • Your Task and To-Do Lists
  • Your Motivation
  • Your Inspiration
  • and so much more!
How To Use Planners Effectively

Of course, you know what a planner is, but you probably haven’t thought much beyond using the calendar. I know I didn’t.

Why is it a Good Idea to Use a Planner Instead of A Phone?

This is a common question when the topic of how to use planners effectively comes up. For most planners, even when you print digital planner pages, you will use pen and paper. Pen and paper may seem a little old-fashioned to you, but there is still some extraordinary power in writing things down.

If you use your phone, there are a lot of drawbacks. You can only use it when charged; there is limited space for writing appointments and schedules. Plus, it is harder to be more detailed and specific.

Something is exciting about having a lovely, big, and detailed planner for everything from your upcoming appointments to to-do lists for each day of the week.

In a world where technology is part of nearly everything we do, a paper planner can be a breath of fresh air and a break for our eyes. As a graphic designer and product photographer, I am constantly staring at a computer or phone screen. My eyes take a beating daily and writing things down in my planner is my happy place. (

How Can We Start Using Planners Effectively?

Using a planner is about summarising your schedule, then fleshing out each appointment or task into details about what you need to do. It allows you to get things done effectively, efficiently and provides room for personal growth.

We are going to go more into detail about your planner and how to get it set up the first time in other posts, but here are some notes of how the planner process works:

  • Choose the Planner That Works Best for You
  • You Set Up the Monthly Calendar
  • Schedule Days of the Week
  • Add Detailed To-Do Lists for Each Task
  • Check-in Often to Update the Planner

As you can see, it is not a complex or difficult process, but without effective methods when you get started, it can be a little intimidating. My goal is to show you how simple it is and how much it can help you change your life for the better.

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Getting Started with a Planner

Read my posts, and you will find that starting with a new daily planner is easy. Soon, you will be using it every day, and actually, look forward to this quiet time with just you and the planner. You become a well-adjusted, happy, positive, productive, and organised person.

This has been a very quick introduction to how to use planners effectively. Keep reading my posts on the subject to learn more. The benefits you get from the planner might well surprise you.

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